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CCNP DCII v6.0 学习

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Study MaterialWelcome to the Study/Learn tab for the DCII v6.0 exam page. This page has been designed to help you find what you are looking for faster by organizing the content according to the exam topics.




Community Ask: Submit your suggestions for quality materials that you use to study these topics. To be listed in this official list, they must be Cisco materials or Cisco Learning Partner materials. We will review them and add them if appropriate.


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Implement Data Center Protocols

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CLN Premium ContentvPC for CCIE Data Center Studies Series - Part of Premium 00:39:33
CLN Premium ContentIntroduction to Link Aggregation Series - Part of Premium 00:59:06
CLN Premium ContentvPC and FEX Live Lab Demo Series - Part of Premium 01:02:28
LTRDCT-2223 - Implementing VXLAN in a Data Center 62 pages
BRKDCT-2049 - Overlay Transport Virtualization Varies
BRKDCT-2404 - VXLAN Deployment Models - A practical perspective 153 pages
BRKRST-3045 - Introduction to LISP and VXLAN - Scalable Technology Overlays for Switching Varies
BRKRST-3045 - LISP - A Next Generation Networking Architecture 105 pages
BRKDCT-3313 - FabricPath Operation and Troubleshooting Varies
BRKDCT-2131 - Mobility and Virtualization in the Data Center with LISP and OTV Varies
BRKDCT-2378 - VPC Best Practices and Design on NX OS Varies

Implement Routing and Switching Protocols

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BRKRST-2337 - OSPF Deployment in Modern Networks Varies
LABSPG-7122 - Advanced IPv6 Routing and services lab Varies
IP Multicast Technology Overview Varies
Cisco IOS IP Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 Varies
BRKIPM-1261 - Introduction to IP Multicast Varies
BRKMPL-1261 - IP Multicast - Concepts, Design and Troubleshooting Varies
BRKRST-2022 - IPv6 Routing Protocols Update Varies
BRKCRS-2661 - Designing Layer 2 Networks - Avoiding Loops, Drops, Flooding Varies
Routing Basics 11 pages

Data Center Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, and Operations

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BRKDCT-2026 - Data Center Infrastructure - Design, Implementation, and Operational Considerations Varies
BRKDCT-2458 - Nexus 9000/7000/6000/5000 Operations and Maintenance Best Practices Varies

Data Center Infrastructure Security

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BRKSEC-1205 - Introduction to Data Center Security Varies
BRKSEC-3007 - Advanced Cisco IOS Security Varies
BRKSEC-2007 - Fundamental IOS Security Varies
BRKSEC-2205 - Security and Virtualization in the Data Center Varies
BRKACI-2250 - Cisco End-to-End Datacenter Security Architecture Varies
Cisco DCNM Security Configuration Guide, Release 4.2 Varies
Security Features on Switches Varies
Cisco Access Control Security: AAA Administration Services 456 pages

Infrastructure Storage

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CLN Premium ContentFabricPath for CCIE Data Center Studies Series - Part of Premium 01:13:18
CLN Premium ContentIntroduction to Consolidated I/O Series - Part of Premium 00:59:15
CLN Premium ContentSAN Zoning Concepts Series - Part of Premium 01:11:43
CLN Premium ContentIntroduction to Fibre Channel Concepts Series - Part of Premium 01:38:24
Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals 552 pages
Storage Networking Fundamentals: An Introduction to Storage Devices, Subsystems, Applications, Management, and File Systems 480 pages
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