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Review Questions

The following review questions are taken from the current SWITCH curriculum. These review questions do not reflect the actual questions you will receive on the live certification exam. They are only meant to supplement your learning experience.


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评论 (3)
  • Gergely Lukacsy

    Gergely Lukacsy  说: 2010-07-12 01:53:08

    As far as I understand VTPv3 supports private vlan trunking. See also: http://blog.ine.com/2008/07/14/private-vlans-revisited/

  • kcbass

    kcbass  说: 2010-05-17 21:56:17

    The books I have say that the proper implementation for private vlans spanning switches is to set VTP mode to tramsparent, therefore VTP does not come into play.? You must specifiy the private vlan setup on each switch, so yes, the vlans are locally significant, they just happen to be identical so that the private vlans can span the interswitch link.

  • GeeZus21

    GeeZus21  说: 2010-05-05 05:07:56

    Question 10 is wrong,

    398 of the SWITCH book states that VTP does not pass any information about the private VLAN. Private VLANS are locally significant to the switch.

    Im a little tired of these sites with practice questions having the wrong answers. Especially straight off of Ciscos site?