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CCNP BCMSN Certification Guide: Chapter 20 (Sample Chapter Only)

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Chapter 20 - Scenarios for Final Preparation (Sample Chapter Only)

This is a sample chapter taken from CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide. Click here to learn more about the CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide or click on the pdf file below to access the content.


Book Title:

CCNP BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide

Author(s): Dave Hucaby
ISBN-10: 1-58720-171-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-171-4


This chapter covers the following scenarios and answers:

  • Scenario 1: Trunking and DTP

  • Scenario 2: VLANs, Trunking, and VTP

  • Scenario 3: EtherChannels

  • Scenario 4: Traditional STP

  • Scenario 5: Advanced STP

  • Scenario 6: Router Redundancy with HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP

  • Scenario 7: IP Telephony in a Switched Network

  • Scenario 8: Securing Access and Managing Traffic in a Switched Network

  • Scenario 9: Implementing a Wireless LAN


This chapter presents scenarios that you can use to review most of the concepts contained in this book. The scenarios are designed to assist you in final preparation for the BCMSN exam. Case studies are presented with network diagrams and questions covering many switching topics. This chapter emphasizes an overall understanding of switching concepts, configuration commands, and network operation. Although the Cisco BCMSN exam might not contain scenarios of this type, you can become better prepared by thinking about the “bigger picture” of a network and how you can apply each switching topic.



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