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Cisco on Cisco Showcase

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Cisco on Cisco Solutions Showcase
Cisco on Cisco: Technology Lessons Learned and Shared
The "Cisco on Cisco" group tracks and presents information on how Cisco uses its own products and solutions in a global enterprise environment: the Cisco environment. We share with you the insights derived from Cisco IT experiences in deploying its own solutions internally. Note: Some material is available in languages other than English and is marked accordingly.

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Bangalore Data Center Virtual Tour

A new, virtual interactive tour from Cisco IT allows users to explore the design, architecture, technologies, services, and business value of Cisco’s data center in Bangalore, India. Primarily an engineering development data center, the Bangalore facility also provides critical production services to more than 13,000 employees and Cisco partners in the region.

In a real-life, visually rich setting, Cisco IT architects, experts, and leaders share insights and best practices on supporting compute and engineering services, designing the physical infrastructure of the Bangalore data center and surrounding campus, and evolving the data center infrastructure toward a virtualized environment that supports compute, storage, network, and security goals, as well as the early adoption of Cisco solutions and innovative product design.

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Virtual Tour Shows How UC Tools are Transforming Collaboration

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The recently launched "Cisco IT Collaboration Experience" gives you an insider's view on how Cisco is using its own new collaboration and unified communications tools to transform how it operates at every level.

See how new connections bring together sales, manufacturing, engineering, and human resources teams at Cisco worldwide to work faster and more effectively.

Hear from Cisco IT engineers and managers about the technology behind the new deployments and learn why Cisco IT leaders are driving collaboration and unified communications across the organization. The more than 30 embedded Flash videos let you see, hear, and experience just how collaboration and unified communications tools are transforming business at Cisco.

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Cisco on Cisco Data Center Virtual Tour
Take a Virtual, Interactive Tour of the Richardson Data Center
Take an interactive tour of the Richardson Data Center. This virtual, multimedia environment lets you explore the design and implementation of the newest Cisco production data center in Richardson, Texas.