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Data Center / Virtualization

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What is Data Center Ethernet?

Data Center Ethernet (DCE) is an architectural collection of Ethernet extensions designed to improve Ethernet networking and management in the data center. Review the attached presentation for more information. Robert Elling. PDF Attachment


Cisco Data Center Network Architecture—At-A-Glance

Cisco Data Center Network Architecture is based on Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA), the enterprise implementation of the Intelligent Information Network (IIN) technology vision. Cisco SONA emphasizes the value of the interactive services provided in the networked infrastructure, such as application optimization, security, and server and storage fabric switching, to enhance business applications.


Cisco on Cisco: Data Center LAN

New technologies in data center networking (storage networking, server networking, content and application aware networking) require changes in the data center LAN. This presentation describes these technologies and the implications for data center LAN design. SAN Server Networking Data Center


Cisco on Cisco: Service Oriented Data Center (SODC) An overview of Cisco's multi-year redesign effort to create a Services Oriented Data Center. This redesign consolidates and transforms the data center infrastructure for improved user service, better utilization, more automation and flexibility, and a lower total cost of ownership. SODC Server Networking Data Center


Vframe Datacenter 1.1 Cisco VFrame Data Center Hardware (SV-VFDC-HA-K9) is a Appliance-ized x86 based server for hosting Virtualization Software. Cisco VFrame Data Center Software Version 1.1 is a centralized management application that controls the server virtualization. Cisco VFrame Data Center Host Agent - Application running on managed server reporting to Virtualization Software Cisco VFrame Data Center API - Web Services based interface. The Cisco VFrame Data Center product will be capable of creating service networks and associating resources dynamically. This training will provide an overview of the product features with specific emphasis on troubleshooting. The course will go through the major functional areas and then dive deeper into troubleshooting specific to each of the managed domains (network, storage, server). Cisco IOS Software -IP Routing and Services -AOD - English - 19:00:00

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  • arno.wu

    arno.wu  说: 2011-12-05 22:26:38

    omg, so much English , i find it hard to read all the documents.

  • Ann: Community Mgr.

    Ann: Community Mgr.  说: 2010-04-02 04:57:48

    I apologize profusely for your frustration in getting to the "Transforming the Data Center with Unified Fabric" content in Data Center / Virtualization.

    <Hand raised> My bad. I made some changes to that page discovered a bug in one of our features that reverted the link to Cisco.com...which is why you circled back around. I have reverted the page back to the previous version...and so you should be able to access the content now. Again, I do apologize for the broken links!

    I will also work with my other colleagues on your suggestions as we move forward. Please know that we are all working hard to take the best advantage of the features and benefits of the platform on which the Cisco Learning Network is built to present as much useful and interesting content as we can for the community. Sometimes we bash into a few of the limitations...and sometimes...well...it's just pilot error as was the case with the links in Data Center / Virtualization.

    Thank you for sending the message and we welcome you suggestions and additional feedback.

    Very best regards,

    ~ Ann Marcus

    Community Manager

  • Brian

    Brian  说: 2010-04-02 01:50:28


    OK, going on about a year now I have been in and out of the Cisco Learning site. And I have to say, that I am very disappointed on how difficult seeking and playing content is. The first thing I get when I start is a “HEAD ACHE” my eyes kill me there is just so much STUFF on every page it is mind boggling. My second frustration is that in my case only about 50% of the material I attempt to launch, FAILS does not open. For example, I am in CLH, Cert, Advanced RTG and SWTG, Field Spcst, switching Library, here when I click the switching lib I am routed to Data Center / Virtualization so I decide to run Transforming the Data Center with Unified Fabric mod. So, do you think that launches? NO!1 I get routed back to the Cisco home page cisco.com) GO FIGURE, talk about a routing loop or routing into the obis. This is very irritating to me it takes so long to get to what you want, and if you happen to leave and come back to something later, it will take you 30-60 minutes just to figure out how to get there. Just take my above lesson attempt, it took me 7 hits of links just to get no where! 7 this is ridiculous, you administrators NEED to find a way to make this more conducive to folks who don’t have all day to find a good lesson to review. Also, all of the CCNP lessons I was able to review, not many open or work but the ones that did seem to be 1/2 level above CCNA level courses you provide. In others words, I am not getting any higher level of training from your CCNP courses. I would also expect courses to hit every topic with in the NP exams. Come on STEP UP for us. Training us will only benefit your stock in the long run. So don’t be so stingy with your efforts in training the people. I know you can do better. And please dumb these pages down they are eye-sores.

  • Addy

    Addy  说: 2009-10-22 09:01:42

    Hi Brian,

    ?? I will be taking the class next week.? Was there any lab on CNA connecitvity via FCoE to Storage or FCoE in general?


  • Brian

    Brian  说: 2009-10-19 22:13:31


    I just completed Nexus 7K 5K training from Firefly. They are a Cisco perf. vendor. Here is the link. I highly recomend it!!!


    Good luck,

    Brian Graham

  • Paul Sa

    Paul Sa  说: 2009-08-25 04:54:05

    We are currently looking to replace our current datacenter 6500 and 4900 switches with Nexus switches.? We will be using 7000, 5000 and 2000 series switches.? Where would I be able to get training for these switches?

  • GSauls

    GSauls  说: 2009-07-09 03:11:39

    Hi Ann,

    This is excellent information for guys getting into Data Centers.

  • Ann: Community Mgr.

    Ann: Community Mgr.  说: 2008-09-24 03:09:16


    The Cisco.com site on which this particular podcast resides says that it requires the Flash 5 plug-in or higher, Windows Media Player or Real Media Player and that Java Script must be enabled on your browser.

    Are you set up with these elements?

    Which particular item were you attempting to access?


  • Ganesh

    Ganesh  说: 2008-09-23 18:43:07

    I could not play the downloaded material.I could listen only Audio but not with the moving slides.Can any one help me out.

  • Ann: Community Mgr.

    Ann: Community Mgr.  说: 2008-05-08 07:11:10

    Thanks, Steve. Perhaps we will get someone from that group to comment here. When you say "paths to early success"...success in implementation, troubleshooting, not sure what you mean?

  • Steve Andreano

    Steve Andreano  说: 2008-05-02 02:07:47

    Vframe data Center garners high interest from customers. make sure that you engage the Business Unit and the Advanced Services team early in the sales cycle. They add great value and can help assess and define paths to early success