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Lab Equipment & Operating System v4.0

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CCIE Service Provider Lab Equipment and Software

Passing the lab exam requires a depth of understanding difficult to obtain without hands-on experience. Early in your preparation you should arrange access to equipment similar to that used on the exam, and listed below.


The Cisco CCIE Service Provider assesses knowledge of platform-independent concepts that are applicable across the portfolio of Service Provider equipment, for example, routers and metro Ethernet switches. These functionalities are available in Cisco IOS XR Software Release 5.2 and Cisco IOS 15.4S Release running within a 100% virtual environment.


In order to practice, prepare, and become familiar with the virtualized Cisco Virtual lab environment, Cisco Expert-Level training for CCIE is available through Cisco Authorized Learning Partners. Candidates can register for courses on the Cisco Learning Locator.



Candidates who want to prepare using hardware-based labs can use the following equipment and Cisco Software releases:


  • P and PE role: ASR 9000 series running IOS-XR 5.2 Release
  • RR and CE role: ASR 1000 series running IOS-XE 3.13 (15.4S) Release
  • PE and CE role: Cisco 7600 series running IOS 15.4S Release
  • Access and Aggregation: ME 3600 series running IOS 15.4S Release


Any other hardware platform that support IOS-XR 5.2 may be also used for P and PE role as well as any other hardware platform that support 15.4S may be also used for RR, PE, and CE functionality.


The candidate may see more recent Cisco Software releases installed in the lab, however the candidate will not be tested on the new features of the release unless indicated above. Refer to Cisco Feature Navigator to compare Cisco Software Releases.

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