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Preparing for the CCIE SP Lab Exam - Part I

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TITLE: Preparing for the
: CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam - Part I of III
AUTHOR: Vincent Jun Ling Zhou
DATE: Dec 2008
DESCRIPTION: This presentation is the first of a three-part series on how to Prepare for the Cisco CCIE® Service Provider Lab Exam.

Below is a list of the topics covered in this three part series.

Part I (covered in the document listed below)

  • Session 1 - Lab Overview

  • Session 2 - Layer 2 Protocol

  • Session 3 - IGP Protocol

Part II
  • Session 4 - BGP Protocol
  • Session 5 - MPLS, VPN, and TE
  • Session 6 - SP Multicast

Part III

  • Session 7 - QOS and Security

  • Session 8 - Sample Questions

  • Session 9 - Resources and Test-Taking Tips

We hope this was useful information. Once part II and III become available the links will be added below and will be added to the CCIE SP Study/Learn Tab.

In the mean time, please feel free to comment or, even better, post up your own tips!

Looking for more Tips? Part II and III (coming soon)

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