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Making Wireless Pervasive in Our Lives

创建于: 2008-11-20 06:48:20          

Cell phones freed us from fixed phone lines at home and there are now changes afoot that are liberating us from fixed wired broadband connections. WiFi in the home, airports and hotels provided us with our first taste of the mobile internet. It allowed us to roam room-to-room at home and allowed us to bring our office with us on the road. We loved it so much that we dragged our home access points into work to show our friends and with the introduction of wireless controllers into the enterprise, wireless networks quickly moved from a nice-to-have overlay network to a mission critical network infrastructure.


As WiMax and other 4G IP wireless technologies become more prevalent, the prospects of maintaining our mobile internet experience on our daily commute is on the verge of becoming a reality. Cisco, with its investments in consumer WiFi, enterprise WiFi, WiMax and the introduction of the Mobility Service Engine is uniquely positioned with a breadth of wireless IP products in enabling this mobile future.


But just as a robust, innovative and flexible network is essential to enabling the mobile internet, it's equally important to have a skilled workforce that is able to deploy, manage and maintain these networks. Cisco's new CCIE Wireless certification will ensure the next generation of IT engineers has these important skills. CCIE Wireless certified engineers will be integral as wireless networks become our primary access method. The CCIE Wireless certification will also enable the imagination and innovation of the engineers in developing the next generation of mobility applications that will change how we work, live and play.


Bob Friday - Cisco Director of Wireless Engineering



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