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CCIE Goes Wireless!

创建于: 2008-11-20 06:43:56          

Wireless LANs have evolved greatly in the last few years, and Cisco is leading the market in this evolution. Originally, wireless LANs were built as hotspots, constructed from one or a few wireless LAN access points in a conference room or coffee shop. As customers moved from building hotspots to the deployment of pervasive wireless networks, we integrated wireless LAN controllers into the architecture, combining the best of the technology from Airespace with best of breed access points from Cisco to improve the manageability and security of wireless LANs. Cisco led the market in the introduction of enterprise-class 802.11n technology--wireless LANs at fast Ethernet speeds. And we recently led the market again with the introduction of the Mobility Services Engine, a platform for integrating mobility applications with the wireless network.


In short, wireless networks are becoming bigger, more complex and mainstream, and their design and operation is becoming a key discipline in its own right. I am thrilled that we are introducing the CCIE Wireless certification. The CCIE Wireless certification is grounded in the existing Learning @ Cisco CCIE Certification offering, in the same way that wireless LANs are extensions of the wired network.


Arthur C. Clark famously asserted that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. We have certainly advanced the technology; the role of the CCIE Wireless certification is to create wireless magicians who can in turn enable that immersive mobile experience for end users that feels so magical.



Brett Galloway - Cisco Senior Vice President: Wireless & Security

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