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视频讲座 时长 播放讲座
如何面试:准备简历,应对招聘经理及FAQ 00:20:19 立即播放辅导视频


视频讲座 时长 播放在线讲座
Dean Webb工程师教写网络岗位简历
第一讲 摒弃你糟糕的简历及求职信 00:18:57 立即播放辅导视频
第二讲 简历撰写的头部 00:18:24 立即播放辅导视频
第三讲 简历撰写经验部分 00:15:47 立即播放辅导视频
Learning@cisco CTO David Mallory谈网络工程师岗位的演变
第一讲 挑战与机遇 00:15:35 立即播放辅导视频
第二讲 SDN及现今与网络设备交换方式演变 00:19:04 立即播放辅导视频
第三讲 新的网络技能及教育和职业的转变 00:15:56 立即播放辅导视频
第四讲 网络工程师工作角色的转变及Q&A 00:14:37 立即播放辅导视频
获得思科认证准备:前五位网络学习资源及 技巧
第一讲 为什么要获得认证? 00:14:14 立即播放辅导视频
第二讲 选择认证之前的考虑 00:02:16 立即播放辅导视频
第三讲 获得认证的资格 00:02:51 立即播放辅导视频
第四讲 前五位网络学习资源及技巧 00:19:18 立即播放辅导视频
第五讲 获取认证支持 00:04:09 立即播放辅导视频
第一讲 更新你所获得的认证并增加人际网络 00:15:35 立即播放辅导视频
第二讲 SDN及现今与网络设备交换方式演变 00:19:04 立即播放辅导视频
第三讲 争取你所追求的网络岗位并发布认证 00:15:56 立即播放辅导视频
第一讲 创建社交媒体影响步骤 00:12:52 立即播放辅导视频
第二讲 专业人士所去之处 00:15:53 立即播放辅导视频
第三讲 使用各种社交媒体,保持网络活跃 00:20:00 立即播放辅导视频
第四讲 建立你的网络名气并追踪分析影响力 00:13:15 立即播放辅导视频
第一讲 见面或联系 00:18:40 立即播放辅导视频
第二讲 把握行业趋势并不断增加人脉 00:16:26 立即播放辅导视频
第三讲 新的网络技能及教育和职业的转变 00:14:13 立即播放辅导视频
第一讲 全新的求职市场 00:13:36 立即播放辅导视频
第二讲 把握行业趋势并不断增加人脉 00:13:36 立即播放辅导视频
第三讲 最佳择业5条建议 00:25:30 立即播放辅导视频
第四讲 其他建议及FAQ 00:10:16 立即播放辅导视频


G. Hampton Wingfield JrHampton Wingfield Currently serving as Senior Account Executive for GDH, responsibile for managing and growing our national accounts and expanding our brand in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hampton has over 20 years of experience developing and managing client relationships, 11 years of specific IT Staffing Industry expertise.




Tina ClarkTina Clark A senior manager of recruiting and business development, with 15+ years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area working for firms specializing in IT/Engineering and Biotech/Clinical consulting services. Tina has successfully built new divisions/offices from scratch for small/mid sized firms and turned around failing branches of large corporations.



Paul StewartPaul Stewart has earned an impressive roster of Cisco Certifications--CCNA, CCDA, CCSI, CCSP, and CCIE Security—and certifications in related technologies. He has applied his training to interesting IT positions and has learned a lot along the way. As a Cisco Designated VIP on the Cisco Learning Network, Paul shares a great deal of his observations and skills with others—and now he has shared them in this live (recorded) webinar.



Marcus FanLearn from Marcus Fan, Cisco Systems Engineering Manager, how to create and follow a career plan--with the help of a mentor. Marcus holds multiple Cisco Certifications and draws on his experience coaching many Cisco employees in technical job roles.






Travis RobertsonTravis Robertson, owner of the coaching firm, The Don't Settle Group. Travis began his career as a software developer. He became chief technology officer (CTO) for a financial services company and then for an online marketing company. Experience on both sides of the hiring table enables Travis to provide you with key insights into how hiring managers think and how you can leverage that information to your advantage.



John MorganJohn Morgan, author of Brand Against the Machine. John will provide insights on how to treat your professional reputation as the product you are branding -- how to apply business branding principals and use social media reach to create a powerful brand identity for yourself that will help you stand tall and stand out in the competitive job marketplace.