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2015年IDC物联网(IoT-Internet of Things)十大预测

1. 下个五年中,90%的IoT数据将服务于运营商平台, 云计算简化了数据混合。
Within five years, 90% of all IoT data will be hosted on service provider platforms as cloud computing simplifies data blending.

2. 今后的两年里,90%的IT网络将存在IoT导致的安全缺口,促使采用新政策和新规范。
Within two years, 90% of all IT networks will have an IoT-driven security breach, forcing adoption of new policies and practices.

3. 到2018年,40% 的IoT数据将在或接近网络边缘被存储,处理,分析及实施。
By 2018, 40% of IoT data will be stored, processed, analyzed, and acted upon close to or at the edge of the network.

4. 今后的三年里,50%的网络将从有多余的容量变为容量受限。10% 的网络将会超载。
Within three years, 50% of networks will move from having excess capacity to being capacity constrained. 10% will be overwhelmed!

5. 数据量增大,解决方案的复杂性以及云使用的增加将增大对系统管理和合并的需求。
Systems management and integration requirements intensify as data volumes, solution complexity, and cloud usage accelerate.

6. 今天,50% 的IoT实施集中在制造业,运输业,智能城市和消费行业。下个五年中,所有的行业将会活跃于IoT领域 。
Today, 50% of IoT action is centered in mfg, transport, smart city, and consumer. In five years, all industries will be active in IoT.

7. 到2018年,智能城市项目将促使本地政府花费25%的政府资金用于IoT建设。
By 2018, driven by smart city initiatives, local governments will account for 25% of government spending on IoT.

8. 到2018年,60%的所有行业解决方案将演变发展为开源,促使IoT垂直方案的快速形成。
By 2018, 60% of proprietary industry solutions will evolve towards open-source, allowing a rush of vertical IoT solutions to form.

9. 下个五年中,40%的可穿戴产品将形成一个可替代手机的消费者大众市场。
Within five years, 40% of wearables will have evolved into a viable consumer mass market alternative to smartphones.

10. 到2018年,16%的人口是千禧一代。他们"世界互联"的价值观将加快个人及专业IoT的实施和使用。
By 2018, 16% of the population will be Millennials. Their "connected world" view will accelerate personal and professional IoT adoption.

物联网(IoT): 所有厂商所面临的一个巨大的整合挑战