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This section is a quick reference for the policies, reference and tools related to the Cisco Career Certifications program.

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Exam Information

Consult this section for details about Cisco  Career Certification exams:  associate, professional, expert level  certifications and Specialist  certifications. You will find detailed  information about the exams, how  to register, exam policies, as well as  up-to-date exam lists and access  to details about CCIE exams.


  • About  Certification Exams — Learn the basics about written certification exams such as typical  duration, types of questions, legal agreements,  cost, and scheduling.
  • About  Registering for Exams — Learn how to register for Cisco Career Certification exams at  locations throughout the world provided by  authorized test delivery  partners.
  • CCIE  Exams — Details about CCIE written and lab exams including exam  preparation suggestions, exam blueprints, lab exam policies, the  mandatory  recertification requirement, and FAQs.
  • Certification  Exams — All currently available Cisco Career Certification exams are listed by certification along with detailed exam descriptions.
  • Certification  Exam Policies — Find current information on program policies and  requirements for program participation.
  • Certification  Exam Tutorial — Learn how exam types function in Cisco Career Certification exams.  Before taking the exam, candidates should become familiar with how all  exam types function-especially the testlet, simlet, and the simulation  tool. Such practice will allow candidates to focus their exam-taking  efforts on the exam questions rather than on how to correctly use the  tools. The tutorial below familiarizes users with the software tools  used in Cisco Career Certification exams.
  • Retired  Certification Exams — Consult this list for information about retired and soon-to-retire certification exams, as well as their corresponding replacements.