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Board Exam Overview

The Cisco Certified Architect Board Exam recognizes the architectural expertise of network designers who can support the increasingly complex networks of global organizations and effectively translate business strategies into evolutionary technical strategies.


The Cisco Certified Architect certification is scheduled to be available February 2010. Qualified candidates will be provided the information as it becomes available. The Board Exams will be offered quarterly. For more information, login and refer to the Application & Board Exam Information Tab.

NOTE: If you have been selected to sit for the first Board Exam on February 17, 2010, an email confirmation will be sent to you from the Cisco Certified Architect Team 30 days prior to the exam date. Availability is limited; if you are eligible but have not been selected for the first Board Exam, your name will be added to the wait list for the next Board Exam, which will be conducted in May 2010.

Exam Topics

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The Board Exam cost is USD,000. Payment will be made in two parts. Login and refer to the Application & Board Exam Information Tab for more information.

Exam Environment

The exam is only offered at select locations worldwide. Qualified candidates will be provided additional information upon request. Only candidates that have a current CCDE certification may apply for this certification.

Methodology & Delivery

There are no formal training programs available for the Cisco Certified Architect certification. However, candidates wishing to attain their Cisco Certified Architect certification must meet before an in-person board made of Cisco-appointed exam committee members during which the candidate defends their proposed network solution.

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