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Specialist Certifications

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Specialist Certifications Index

The Specialist designation certifies the expertise of experienced technical professionals, and those who have earned associate or professional-level Cisco Career Certifications. By earning specialist certifications, network professionals can enhance their core networking knowledge in technologies such as security, IP Communications, and wireless.


Many Specialist certifications align with the requirements of the Cisco Partner Specialization program.


Advanced Routing and Switching Certifications

Data Center Certifications


Data Center Unified Computing

Data Center Networking Infrastructure

Data Center Application Services

Data Center Storage Networking

Foundation for Channel Partners

Unified Communications & Video Certifications


Unified Communications Specialist Certifications


Video Specialist Certifications


Security Certifications

Wireless LAN Certifications

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  • Marcus Fan

    Marcus Fan  说: 2010-01-22 13:16:54

    It's very good to see the TP specializations and I know a lot of engineers who would are likely to get certified.? It would be nice to see some additional wireless specialist certifications similar to what had been done with security and voice.

  • GSauls

    GSauls  说: 2009-12-22 03:37:42

    thanks for the new update

  • GSauls

    GSauls  说: 2009-06-21 02:45:25

    thank you for the update