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Software Engineer-CVG,思科认证优先,上海

创建于: 2014-10-24 17:16:11          

Software Engineer – CVG – Shanghai – Master

Cisco Cloud and Virtualization Group (CVG)

- provides the cloud and virtualized products/services for Cisco customers to generate unique valueand help Cisco customers create their services rapidly and operate at low cost. The cloud and virtualization product portfolio provided by CVG team deliver its differentiated value to the customers with its core technologies, such as InterCloud, and CVG team works with Cisco cloud service team together to build industry-leading cloud service.



- 负责思科云计算和虚拟化产品和方案的研发设计。CVG的产品能帮助客户快速上线业务和有效的管理云的基础架构和业务,并且CVG的产品线通过他的核心技术给客户提供独一无二的价值,比如InterCloud方案能把独立的云互联在一起构建起云中之云帮助用户统一管理分散在不同云中的业务。同时CVG团队在和思科业务团队一起紧密合作致力于打造业界领先的云服务。


• Develop cloud assurance products for Cisco cloud service management.

• Develop NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) assurance products for Cisco NFV solution.

• Work with Cisco Cloud Service (CCS) team in DevOps model.


• High desire to learn and strong learning skills.

• Goodknowledge on Java/Python programming.

• Knowledge on cloud computing products, such as OpenStack, KVM/QEMU, CEPH and OpenShift, is a plus.

• Good English verbal and writing skills.

Educational Background:

Prefer master in CS/EE




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