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Jump-Start Your Career


For anyone in the IT field, including myself, it is clear that becoming Cisco certified holds great value. However, there is one area that tends to get overlooked and that is the value that a Cisco certification presents to a student still studying IT.


Most IT programs spend a majority of time discussing more mature technologies and or IT theory. This knowledge-based education style has led to a growing number of IT job candidates lacking hands-on skills. Technology changes rapidly, and growth for most businesses depends on using IT as either a competitive advantage or to stay relevant within their industry. Companies cannot solve tough IT business and technology challenges without experienced IT professionals.


Students studying IT should combine their coursework with hands-on experience, labs and sharing of best practices. This approach ensures they have a more holistic view of the IT industry and makes them valuable. Cisco certifications help to achieve this goal.


Each certification, including the Entry level CCENT certification, involves training courses focused on increasing knowledge and skill level. Once certified, you have a lot to offer to a prospective company. Not only do candidates with certifications start jobs with a better range of skills and knowledge, but they are also able to take on more complex tasks. This allows them to contribute to the business faster and decrease their overall time to success.


Research shows that a Cisco certification is recognized and valued by employers. Employers believe Cisco certified employees resolve problems faster, contribute to reduced network downtime, and, in general, perform more successful and timely IT projects.


So what are you waiting for? Your first step is to get the CCENT certification by just passing a single CCENT exam. There are no prerequisites! Learn more about the CCENT certification.


Cisco collaborates with organizations around the world to help students prepare for in-demand information and communications technology (ICT) jobs and career certifications. Learn more about becoming a Cisco Networking Academy student.  Locate a Cisco Networking Academy near you.



Lastly, I'd love to hear from all of you. As a student studying IT, do you think combining IT degrees with Cisco certifications is advantageous to you?


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