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Is There a Specialist in you?

Last week I pointed out the fact that we all want to succeed. Not only do Cisco certifications help IT professionals achieve this goal by laying out a clear path to success, but they also help by assisting people to become specialists in their chosen industry and job role—by means of Specialist certifications.


Specialist certifications are for IT networking professionals who already have broad knowledge of the area of IT that they are working in. Specialist certifications supplement existing knowledge and skills by focusing on a very specific topic and exploring deep into it. By earning Specialist certifications, network professionals can enhance their core networking knowledge in technologies such as firewall security, data center unified computing or unified fabric, rich-media communications, and videoconferencing. These topics and many more can be found under the umbrellas of Collaboration, Data Center, Security, Operating System Software, Video, and Virtual Classroom Instruction.


The potential benefit of becoming a Cisco Certified Specialist is high. As you become more experienced in your career and want to move into a more advanced job role, it is crucial to prove to your superiors and colleagues that you have what it takes to move up into that position. This is where being a Specialist can help. Specialist certifications validate expertise and let those around you know that you have an extra edge.


With Specialist certifications, there is often only one exam to take, and some of them have no prerequisites at all. This time-saving fast track to becoming Cisco certified is an exceptional asset to have in your tool belt throughout your career. Not only will it keep you ahead of the pack, but it will also let others know that you plan to stay there.


With more than 35 Specialist certifications to choose from, there is no reason not to get startedtoday.


Visit the Certification Index today. Head to the left side of the page and choose the Specialist drop-down menu to explore your topic of interest.

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