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A big boost for Cisco Security Certifications

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The beginning of 2012 spurred the traditional posting of lists of predictions for the new year. This year, one of the trends that interested me was the focus on security. In years past, it seemed as though mobile and the cloud were the topics that dominated the lists, with not much else really talked about. This year, Forrester, Gartner, and the like seem to agree that security should be a focus. Cisco is doing its part by updating the heart of its security certification program. The Cisco CCNA Security and CCNP Security certification programs have both been refreshed to include information on the latest security products and introduce updated security best practices. Security training is a constant process for most enterprise network staff, thanks to the ever-increasing number of security threats. Network security techniques change rapidly in response to evolving network security developments. In addition, data loss prevention strategies and IT compliance practices have become more important and extensive as the number of government regulations has increased.


Properly trained network security professionals play a critical role in ensuring that company data remains in compliance with IT security policies. The Cisco CCNA Security and CCNP Security certification programs provide job-ready training designed to provide the latest information about Cisco security products and security best practices. The certification programs are designed around specific job roles and numbers of years of experience. Employers can use these certifications as a path to professional growth for their staff and to ensure that the network security organization has individuals with the needed degrees of experience and expertise. A well-trained staff can help lower implementation times for network security solutions and increase the return on investment for the products that the organization has purchased. Administrators and engineers who are fully versed in using these security solutions can ensure that they are used to their utmost.


While you finish planning for the year, make sure that you think about security and how you, your employees, and your network can be ready with the best solutions to any threats that the world may bring your way.


Vipul Redey Product Manager,

Routing, Switching, Security & Wireless

Learning @ Cisco

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